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Hey creepies! We’re April and Allie and we have always been dreamers. We never had an answer for what we wanted to be when we grew up because we imagined a world where we could do everything. No limits. No outdated ideas of finding a niche and sticking to it. We wanted to create a space where we could be many things all at once and we’d like you to come with us! 

April Hagan

Photographer/Writer/Kitchen Witch

Allie Reed

Photographer/Writer/Death Witch 



Last night, over at the Starling Witches Facebook group, we talked about how some of those negative pieces of our shadow might actually not be our baggage to carry. Sometimes, things are thrust on us through trauma. So how do you heal those wounds and get rid of those behaviors that are tied to the trauma? Don’t worry… this isn’t some love and light bullshit, okurrt? So I’m not about to shove that whole forgiveness blah blah blah ish down your throats. I will never sit in front of you and try to convince you that your abuser deserves to



“Holy shit that was pretentious but it sounded good. (Maybe just in my head?) “   actual factual Allie She/her Writer/Artist Human being? Definitely. Definitely here for the girls, the gays and the theys.   who am i?  this bio tried too hard. I mean… literally? Figuratively? Metaphorically? Who I am isn’t the same person I was ten years ago or sometimes even ten days ago. I am a constantly growing and evolving series of electrical impulses inside of a meat suit on a rock orbiting a fiery abyss.  Holy shit that was pretentious but it sounded good. (Maybe just in


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